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Auto Spa Services & Auto Detailing

Is your car looking a bit dull? Want it to sparkle inside and out? Under normal driving conditions, your vehicle needs special care to prevent destructive defects. Book a car detailing today at Sullivan Auto Body. There’s nothing like the feeling of a new car, and with every car detailing job we undertake, we make sure you leave with a car that feels brand-new.

Detailing your vehicle is a tedious process that takes devoted time. When we schedule a detail, we’ll ask that you leave your vehicle for a full day, and we’ll call you later in the day when the detail is finished.

You may choose à la carte services or the complete package.

Our services include professional services such as:

  • Interior detailing: Leather & Cloth
  • Wheel Polishing
  • Waxing and washing
  • Machine buffing and polishing
  • Light scratch repair & touch up

Standard Interior & Hand-Wash

 Thorough vacuuming including trunk and under seats; carpets, floor mats, and cloth seats steam cleaned; dash and plastics cleaned; leather seats cleaned and conditioned; exterior hand wash/dry; tires scrubbed; doors jambs wiped out; all glass cleaned.

Cars & Standard Cab Trucks               $150
SUVs, Minivans, Ext Cab Pickups      $175

Showcar Interior & Exterior Package:

Tires scrubbed, and wheel wells pressure washed; undercarriage and engine bay pressure washed; thorough hand wash/dry; door jambs wiped out; chrome wheels cleaned and polished; painted wheels cleaned and waxed; dressing applied to tires; all painted surfaces hand waxed; interior vacuumed; dash and doors wiped off; all glass cleaned.

Cars and Standard Cab Trucks        $225
SUVs, Minivans, Ext. Cab Trucks     $250

The Premium Package

Combine both the interior and exterior package services listed above. Additional services include light machine polishing, light scratches buffed as needed and touch-up paint applied to rock & paint chips.

Cars and Standard Cab Trucks        $300
SUVs, Minivans, Ext. Cab Trucks     $350

The Premium Plus Package

Includes the Premium package listed above. Additional services include full vehicle machine polishing, light scratches buffed, and touch-up paint applied to rock & paint chips.

Additionally, a high-quality Nano Ceramic Coating is applied: Nano Coat Ceramic Coating will repel water, dirt, debris, oils, and contaminants while maintaining a clear, hard finish that is chemically bonded. Water will literally fall off your vehicle.  Your vehicle will stay cleaner longer, require less frequent polishing, and will require no additional paint protection unless desired. Nano-Coat is chemical resistant, anti-static, all weather-resistant ceramic nano coating that provides superior protection with depth. Your paint will literally look like you’ve added a new layer of clear coat to it. Nano-Coat works on the molecular or nano level to add not only protection but our most insane shine and depth as well for the maximum length of time of any coating. 

Cars and Standard Cab Trucks        $500
SUVs, Minivans, Ext. Cab Trucks     $600

*All prices quoted above are estimates, based on an average car in reasonable condition.

*A firm price can only be quoted upon inspection of your vehicle.

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Ask about getting a lifetime WARRANTY on all workmanship & paint